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BIAS 2018

Ieri a avut loc a zecea  ediție a Bucharest International Air Show. Au participat peste 100 de aeronave civile şi militare şi peste 100 de piloţi şi paraşutişti. Și publicul  a fost foarte numeros ca de obicei. Printre principalele atracții au fost: Mirage 2000 din Grecia, F15 USAF, Turkish Stars, Iacării Acrobaţi, Jurgis Kairys, TAROM, Polish Air Force Team ISKRY, Eurofighter Typhoon – Italia, Germania, AWACS (NATO), F18 Spania și Jas 39 Gripen – Ungaria și Cehia.



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5 thoughts on “BIAS 2018

    1. It was amazing… a lot of airplanes both civilian and military… nice weather.. it was perfect 😉

      1. I’ve ridden in single engine Cessna airplanes and 727’s.

        On my first flight on a 727, when I was ten years old, I told the stewardess sitting next to me that I had a bomber in my carry on bag.

        When I pulled out the orange toy plane out to show her.

        She was relieved thinking that I had said BOMB.


        1. Probably she got really scared hearing you say that 😂😂😂
          Next time bring a fighter 😁

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